The expanding availability of new health technologies together with changing demographics and rising expectations for what healthcare should deliver are creating a healthcare burden unmanageable without significant and swift change in clinical medicine and public health practice.

However the rate at which successful research is translated into healthcare is slow. Placing the health of individuals and populations at the centre of all that we do, we offer solutions to the operational and societal challenges that are holding back the translation of biomedical advances into practical benefits. We help governments, policy makers and health professionals to tackle barriers to progress and implement strategic change within health systems.

Our vision

A society that makes the best possible use of advances in life sciences to promote health and improve the prevention and treatment of disease by making responsible changes in health policy and the organisation of health systems.

Our mission

To provide knowledge, evidence, tools and opportunities to help policy and decision makers put life sciences within the reach of every citizen in the form of effective, affordable and more personalised healthcare.

Our aims

To create effective policy and change by: 
  • Harnessing the potential of new technologies through expert assessment of their scientific and technical basis and their economic and social impact, and providing independent insights into their potential utility for patients and consequences 
  • Thinking differently about healthcare by looking forward to a future where genomics and technologies arising from life sciences enable more effective and affordable healthcare based on personalised medicine, personalised prevention and better strategies for controlling infectious and non-communicable disease
  • Shaping the policy debate by actively promoting balanced, responsible and effective health policy through a dynamic process of multidisciplinary engagement to explore issues, resolve barriers and develop consensus 

Our policy goals

We believe in the need for a fundamental shift to personalised healthcare which requires:

  • Placing the individual citizen at the centre of health systems
  • Increasing emphasis on disease prevention
  • Radical reorganisation of service with a shift from hospital to home or community setting where possible