The PHG Foundation knows that to efficiently realise innovation in healthcare requires evidenced based decision making balanced with a flexible approach - and an element of risk taking. In developing solutions to create effective policy to tackle systemic barriers to improving healthcare we:

  • Place the health of individuals and populations at the centre of all that we do 
  • Believe in the power of biomedical sciences and innovation to make significant improvements in people's health 
  • Appreciate the importance of evidence of utility, effectiveness and cost effectiveness to support the implementation of healthcare innovations 
  • Recognise that catalysing the introduction of innovative healthcare requires flexibility in approach and risk taking 
  • Support proportionate regulatory regimes that strike a fair balance between the individual and public good
  • Value our independence and our integrity

Our Health Innovation Manifesto sets out how the UK Government can make the most of innovations in science and technology to create a more effective and efficient NHS.