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28 Oct 2016 Europe moves to prevent genetic discrimination and insurance
1 Jun 2016 New funding to expand personalised medicine in Australia
31 Mar 2016 Genetic test to enable personalised cancer medicine for children
8 Jan 2016 'Genomic wellness' health app launched
6 Jan 2016 Decision on NHS provision of non-invasive Down's testing due soon
18 Dec 2015 Latest NHS Genomic Medicine Centres announced
6 Dec 2015 Plans for an Australian 100,000 Genomes Project
27 Nov 2015 Genomics England funding boost in pro-innovation UK Spending Review
3 Nov 2015 UK invests in improving pathology and genomic medicine
26 Sep 2015 NHS Strategy for Personalised Medicine revealed
22 Sep 2015 Plans to make UK North West a leader in precision medicine
9 Sep 2015 Genomics England launches tool to crowdsource rare disease gene panels
7 Sep 2015 Genetic signature of ageing could also predict dementia risk
6 Sep 2015 NIH funds to move precision medicine closer to reality
4 Sep 2015 New Australian centre for single-cell genomics
20 Aug 2015 New international effort to uncover schizophrenia genomics
17 Aug 2015 Public Health England plans to build on scientific excellence
10 Aug 2015 Latest Biomedical Catalyst funding for UK medical innovations
30 Jul 2015 New molecular pathology network for precision medicine
13 Jul 2015 Latest sub-chromosomal non-invasive prenatal test from Sequenom
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Displaying 1 to 20 of 1152 news articles
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Philippa provides strategic leadership and oversight for all external engagement and marketing, as well as insight and opinion on issues related to health policy.

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