Governance and funding

In April 2018 the PHG Foundation became a linked exempt charity of the University of Cambridge, under the auspices of the Clinical School. We are accountable to our board of trustees.

Our work is funded by:

  • Philanthropy and donations
  • Grants
  • Fees for our consultancy services

As an operational foundation we apply most of our funding to our own work programmes.

Each year we publish an annual report to our board of trustees which details how our funds are raised and spent.

Our independence

We aim to have mutually rewarding relationships with a range of organisations and individuals without compromising our independence, objectivity, intellectual rigour and social purpose. Read our collaboration policy here.

How we are funded

We currently receive income from:

  • The Hatton Trust
  • The WYNG Foundation

Grants from research funders including:

  • NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre and the European Commission
  • Work commissioned by the NHS and others

Where the money goes

Source: Financial statements year ended 31 March 2015