The new government should

Put in place enabling measures for our health system to evaluate innovations in actual clinical practice quickly, and ensure the most effective are implemented widely across health services, not just in centres of excellence

Provide incentives to encourage the widespread integration of genomics and digital health technologies into mainstream medicine, including prioritisation of genomics education for the healthcare workforce across every clinical specialty

Provide patients with the knowledge and opportunity to make meaningful decisions about their healthcare

Our healthcare system needs to keep people healthy for as long as possible, and deliver rapid and effective diagnosis and treatment when they do become ill. The imperative is to improve patient outcomes and experience, minimise expensive healthcare interventions, and reduce dependencies on families and care services. Increasingly, biomarkers, sensors and smart technologies can help us do this, but unless the healthcare infrastructure adapts to such innovations, the NHS will fail to capitalise on the advantages that they could bring to the health and wealth of the nation.