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Major project to assess value of genomic medicine

Report of a story in the news   |   By Dr Philippa Brice   |   Published 9 January 2012

Source: The Guardian

The Mayo Clinic in the US is to launch an ambitious new project to develop personalised medicine.

The Mayo Clinic's Centre for Individualised Medicine will reportedly recruit thousands of patients to have either their full genome or a subset of genes linked to diseases or drug metabolism sequenced, with linkage of their genomic data to medical records to help doctors choose the most appropriate treatments and drug dosages. Director Dr Gianrico Farrugia, said: "We are convinced that whole genome sequencing is going to radically change the way we practice medicine". The project aims to determine whether it is more useful to use the new technologies to sequence the full genome or key sections only, and whether having this data available can improve patient outcomes or treatment costs. 

Our view:

PHG Foundation trustee Tim Aitman, professor of clinical and molecular genetics at Imperial College London, commented: "This is a trend that will definitely be found across the developed world in the coming two to five years” but cautioned that there were additional ethical and privacy issues that would require consideration (see previous news).

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