PHG Foundation will be speaking on mainstreaming genomics and big data at the World Precision Medicine Congress on Thursday.

The three day Precision Medicine Congress in London tomorrow will focus on a multitude of omics and disease areas; including cancer, rare diseases, infectious diseases and other complex conditions. 

On Thursday afternoon, PHG Foundation’s Director, Dr Hilary Burton, will ask delegates from academia, industry and healthcare ‘ Why should the NHS clinician bother about genomics?’ In her twenty minute presentation, Dr Burton will show how genomics is no longer the sole province of geneticists, but that all mainstream clinicians need to be aware of the opportunities for genomics to improve patient care. Hilary brings her expertise as a member of the Genomics in Mainstream Medicine Working Group, a group set up to link the Royal Colleges and promote genomics in professional education programmes.

PHG Foundation’s Dr Sobia Raza will speak on the pertinent topic of big data in Thursday’s panel debate, 'Overcoming the challenges of big data in precision medicine: privacy, security, analytics and ethics'. Dr Raza will be bringing to the debate PHG Foundation’s insights and evidence from the Foundation’s work on genomic data sharing for patient benefit.

The World Precision Medicine Congress is running from 17-19 May at the Business Design Centre, London.