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Priorities for public health genomics in the US

Report of a story in the news   |   By Dr Philippa Brice   |   Published 13 July 2011

Source: OPHG blog

The US Office of Public Health Genomics (OPHG) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a government-funded organisation that works to ‘integrate genomics into public health research, policy, and programs’, with a particular focus on interventions against key chronic, infectious, environmental, and occupational diseases in the US. 

The OPHG was founded in the same year as the UK-based PHG Foundation’s predecessor body (the Public Health Genetics Unit), and has played an important role in the development of public health genomics. It is now seeking views on the public health priorities for the field in the US, to inform strategic planning for the next five years. 

Input is requested on the most important activities, their expected outcomes, the policies needed to achieve them, potential barriers and solutions, and the roles of different bodies in working towards the desired outcomes. The consultation is open until 1st August.

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