Data sharing to be debated at this year's Microbiology Society conference

18 March 2016

Over a thousand people will be heading to the Microbiology Society annual conference on Monday to learn the latest developments in the field, which will include an interactive panel discussion on the challenges in harnessing pathogen genomics data - ‘Big data or bust’.

A must for all those with an interest in microbiology, the three day event will feature presentations from a wide range of microbiology-related disciplines. The exciting programme will open with a discussion on the topical issue of the rise of the Zika virus. 

New to this year’s conference will be the opportunity for delegates to attend ‘Live at Lunch’ sessions. Chaired by PHG Foundation, Tuesday’s lunchtime session will include an interactive panel discussion titled ‘Big data or bust’; an hour-long session intended to raise awareness on the timely subject of data sharing and integration in the context of pathogen genomics.

The discussion will build on the data themes covered in the PHG Foundation’s ‘Pathogen Genomics Into Practice report and the accompanying recent review which describes how the wide-ranging benefits of pathogen genomics can only fully be realised through the timely collation, integration and sharing of data. 

Join leading scientists, Dr Jennifer Gardy, Dr Pail Kellam, Dr Nick Loman, Prof Julian Parkhill and Dr Claire Jenkins for this topical debate on Tuesday 22 March at 13.15.

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