Further US funding for clinical genome sequencing research

25 April 2012

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) is to award almost $5 million funding for projects that explore the clinical applications of genome sequencing.
The Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) programme already supports five research projects and forms part of the larger government funded drive towards uptake of genome sequencing in medical practice (see previous news).
Now, funding is available for new projects to join the programme examining how sequencing can improve patient treatment and care, how health professionals interpret and use the data, and the ethical and psychosocial implications of communicating with patients about this information.

Comment: The US is certainly leading the way for the integration of genome sequencing into healthcare in terms of co-ordinated national research investment. In the UK, considerable thought has been put into policy development and the emphasis is very much on implementation of existing opportunities rather than research into new possibilities (see previous news), although there are of course all sorts of individual projects examining specific applications of genome sequencing. 

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