HVP6 puts data sharing in the spotlight

10 May 2016

​Professionals from around the world will  gather at UNESCO headquarters in Paris at the end of May to discuss the most re cent achievements of the international Human Variome Project.​ Registration for this event is open to all researchers, health professionals​ and policy makers interested in the way genetic data is used to improve human health.

The Human Variome Project​ aims to ensure that all information on genetic variation and its effect on human health can be collected, curated, interpreted and shared freely and openly.

Featured sessions at the conference  include an update from the UNESCO/ HVP Ethics and Standards Project, which aims to map country specific legal, ethical and technical frameworks that have a bearing on variant data sharing. PHG Foundation’s Alison Hall will be speaking at this session, offering a UK perspective and presenting recommendations from PHG Foundation’s recent report, jointly produced with the Association for Clinical Genetic Science, ‘Data sharing to support UK clinical genetics and genomics services’. 

Registration for the 6th International Biennial meeting of the Human Variome Project (HVP6) is open now and you can view the full programme here. To secure your place visit the Human Variome Project website.

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