New pan-Canadian Genomics Innovation Network

9 June 2014

Genome Canada  is to provide up to $16 million funding to create a new Genomics Innovation Network (GIN) for the country.

The aim of the network will be to support collaborations for ‘the advancement of genomics research’. Centres can apply for up to $2 million funding each to become one of the designated network ‘Nodes’; each Node will allow researchers to access key high throughput genomic technologies – not only for DNA sequencing but also transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. The Nodes will also supply practical support in the design of research projects and in bioinformatics and data analysis to interpret the expected big data outputs.

Dr Pierre Meulien, CEO of Genome Canada said: “Canada is a global leader in genomics, and the Genomics Innovation Network will ensure Canadians reap the full benefit of our investments”. The deadline for applications is mid-September, with the chosen Nodes to be announced by the end of the year.

The approach of the Canadian government-funded Genome Canada in creating the proposed Nodes is similar to that of the UK Government in providing funding for dedicated centres to provide dedicated DNA synthesis services to support wider research in synthetic biology.

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