New Reviews and Commentaries

6 October 2005

Repeat Instability: mechanisms of dynamic mutations. Pearson CE, Edamura KT and Cleary JD (2005) Nature Reviews Genetics 6, 729-742. Review on the genetic mechanisms underlying a range of neurological disorders associated with DNA repeat expansion mutations.

Diseases of unstable repeat expansion: mechanisms and common principles. Gatchel JR and Zoghbi HY (2005) Nature Reviews Genetics 6, 743-755. Review on these diseases and the associations between disordered gene expression and disease pathogenesis.

Therapeutics development for triplet repeat expansion diseases. Di Prospero NA and Fischbeck KH (2005) Nature Reviews Genetics 6, 756-767. Review of research into disease mechanisms and interventions.

The molecular genetics of Huntington disease

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