New Reviews and Commentaries - 6th September 2005

7 September 2005

Synergy between sequence and size in large-scale genomics. Gregory TR (2005). Nature Reviews Genetics 6, 699-708. Review looking at how the combination of sequence and whole-genome size data can improve understanding of genome structure and evolution.

Ethics Watch. Shakespeare T (2005) Nature Reviews Genetics 6, 666. Commentary on widely-held public objections to sex selection by parents and the reasoning behind these objections.

Identical twins: epigenetics makes the difference. Flintof L (2005) Nature Reviews Genetics 6, 667. Commentary on recent research suggesting that identical twins accumulate epigenetic differences over time, and possible implications for how age and the environment might affect human health.

Unraveling the Fanconi anemia-DNA repair connection. Thompson LH (2005) Nature Genetics

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