NHS innovation accelerator programme launched

8 January 2015

A new programme to encourage innovation within the UK National Health Service (NHS) has been launched.

The NHS Innovation Accelerator programme is running as a partnership between NHS England, UCL Partners and The Health Foundation. It seeks applications for assistance with developing and implementing innovative healthcare technologies, services and processes with ‘the potential to make a real difference to patient outcomes’.

Specifically, the programme will focus on the necessary conditions and cultural changes to enable rapid, scalable introduction of useful innovations to the NHS and improve equitable patient access to the best healthcare. Emphasis is rightly given to the need for cost-effective, sustainable solutions in an NHS facing the pressures of rising costs and demands in the face of financial constraints.

Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of NHS England, said: “The Innovation Accelerator will build on our enviable history of discovery and innovation by embracing cutting-edge healthcare innovators from around the world to improve patient care while reducing costs and providing better value for the taxpayer”.

The programme is not restricted to England; international applicants are welcomed. The programme will be delivered in partnership with patient groups and Academic Health Science Networks across England, and will be supported by global perspectives from the International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery, whose strapline is: ‘The real challenge is not to invent but to implement’

Applications close on 27 February 2015.

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