Precision Medicine Catapult appoints new Chief Executive Officer

19 April 2016

UK’s innovation centre for precision medicine confirms Dr Belinda Quinn as its new Chief Executive Officer.

As Chief Clinical Officer at the Precision Medicine Catapult, Belinda had a pivotal leadership role in mobilising the seven centres of excellence across the UK integral to the success of the Catapult. A trained doctor, she has held executive and transformational change roles across the public and private sector. 

Precision medicine is an approach for more targeted disease prevention and treatment that takes into account people’s individual variations in genes, environment and lifestyle. 

The Cambridge based Precision Medicine Catapult aims to make the UK the most attractive place in the world for the development and delivery of precision medicine. 

Belinda Quinn said: “I am excited by the opportunity to work with the many world-leading experts in research and clinical practice that we have in this country, coupled with industry partners and innovate UK to help bring forward innovative, sustainable and more cost-effective solutions that will build the UK’s precision medicine industry, benefit patients and improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the healthcare system in the UK.

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