Selected new reviews and commentaries, 10th May 2007

10 May 2007

Environmental biology and human disease. Schwartz D, Collins F (2007) Science 316(5825):695-6. Policy forum article on the complex interactions between genetic and environmental factors in disease aetiology, and promoting the US Genes, Environment, and Health Initiative (PubMed).

When Bad Genes Look Good - APOE*E4, Cognitive Decline, and Diagnostic Thresholds. Glymour MM (2007) Am J Epidemiol. Apr 12; [Epub ahead of print]. Commentary on the types of bias that can affect studies of the influence of genetic factors on disease onset and progression, focusing on ApoE4 (PubMed).

Cytochrome P450 genotyping and antidepressants. Perlis RH (2007) BMJ 334(7597):759. Editorial considering the current lack of evidence for the clinical efficacy of pharmacogenetic testing to predict the efficacy of antidepressant drugs (PubMed).

The essential role of genetic counseling in inherited thrombophilia. Lochhead P, Miedzybrodzka Z (2007) Semin Hematol. 44(2):126-9. Discussion of genetic testing, and concomitant genetic counselling, for mutations associated with inherited forms of thrombophilia (PubMed).

Insights on Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes from MODY Genetics. Weedon MN, Frayling TM (2007). Curr Diab Rep. 7(2):131-8. Review of the effect of polymorphisms in the genes associated with juvenile-onset diabetes on predisposition towards type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes (PubMed).

The Genetics of Anorexia Nervosa. Bulik CM, Slof-Op't Landt MC, van Furth EF, Sullivan PF (2007) Annu Rev Nutr. Apr 12; [Epub ahead of print]. Review of current knowledge on molecular genetic aspects of anorexia (PubMed).

Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in Autosomal Dominant and Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease. Rossetti S, Harris PC (2007) J Am Soc Nephrol. Apr 11; [Epub ahead of print]. Review on the influence of mutations in the PKD1, PKD2 and modifer genes on inherited forms of polycystic kidney disease (PubMed).

Inherited cancer susceptibility syndromes in paediatric practice. Field M, Shanley S, Kirk J (2007) J Paediatr Child Health43(4):219-29. Clinical review on the role of genetic testing for rare tumour susceptibilities in children, with examples (PubMed).

Toward understanding the genetic basis of neural tube defects. Kibar Z, Capra V, Gros P (2007) Clin Genet71(4):295-310. Review of the role of genetic factors in complex congenital neural tube defects, including important insights from the study of animal models (PubMed).

Racialized genetics and the study of complex diseases: the thrifty genotype revisited. ParadiesYC, Montoya MJ, Fullerton SM (2007) Perspect Biol Med 50(2):203-27. Critique of the thrifty genotype hypothesis of complex disease causation, calling for a robust interdisciplinary approach to genetic epidemiological research to generate useful results (PubMed).

Recent advances in newborn screening. Wilcken B (2007) J Inherit Metab Dis30(2):129-33. Review of the impact of tandem mass spectrometry in newborn screening for metabolic disorders, prospects for newborn screening for lysosomal storage disorders, and the need for more information on the impact of early detection on outcomes for such disorders (PubMed).

Genetic determinants of cancer metastasis. Nguyen DX, Massagué J (2007) Nat Rev Genet. 8(5):341-52. Review looking at the specific genetic and epigenetic changes that underlie metastasis (PubMed).

Animal models of human disease: zebrafish swim into view. Lieschke GJ, Currie PD Nat Rev Genet. 8(5):353-67. Review of the achievements and potential of zebrafish for modelling human diseases and for drug discovery and development (PubMed).

Inherited Thrombophilia: Key Points for Genetic Counseling. Varga E (2007) J Genet Couns.  May 1; [Epub ahead of print]. Review (PubMed).

Information Processing in the Context of Genetic Risk: Implications for Genetic-Risk Communication. Etchegary H, Perrier C (2007) J Genet Couns.  May 1; [Epub ahead of print]. Review of information processing models, with implications for clinical practice (PubMed).

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