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We are seeking a self-motivated, experienced events manager with excellent people skills for this pivotal role in the External Affairs team. Opportunity closes on the 10 March.
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Genome and gene editing

PHG Foundation have been invited to give evidence to the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee (STC) Inquiry on Genomics and Genome Editing, following their submission to the inquiry of written evidence. Philippa Brice gives a breakdown of the policy impetus needed t o harness the health benefits of genomics. In the US, the National Academies have said gene editing of human embryos that will be used for pregnancy should be permitted for medical purposes.

Harnessing the health benefits of genomics
US National Academies back embryo modification

Your DNA your say

Dr Anna Middleton talks about the international research project she is leading, which explores the ethical and moral questions around genetic research. The project, Your DNA your Say, takes the form of a film survey experience. Open to all, the survey gives people the opportunity to find out more about the ethical issues DNA and Big Data raise and to have a voice in future policy that will affect us all. The film-survey is available here
Your DNA your say

Personalised healthcare

In the news, Intrabeam Radiotherapy system is recommended by NICE as a treatment for people with early breast cancer, but with emphasis on the need to continue to collect data on effectiveness and reoccurrence rates. A team from the Novo Nordisk Foundation centre for biosustainability have developed a fast and cheap method for profiling antibiotic resistant genes in the gut which could allow clinicians to prescribe a personalised antibiotic treatment.
NICE recommend targeted radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer
Profiling the gut resistome for personalised antibiotic treatment

Healthcare futures

A team from the Salk Institute have created a potentially viable pig/human hybrid embryo, and a new virtual reality app developed by Kings College Hospital aims to reduce anxiety among children who must undergo an MRI scan.
Salk institute team create a potentially viable pig / human hybrid embryo
Nothing to fear with virtual reality

Genomics in mainstream medicine

Genomics is now important in every area of clinical medicine. Find out how genomics is relevant to different areas of medicine with these factsheets tailored to the needs of each specialty. 
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