August 2012

1 August 2012

Top stories this month

PHG Foundation’s online resource providing worldwide data, background information and expert advice on genetic screening for birth defects is now fully functional and freely available to all at:

Opinion: Direct-to-consumer genetic tests

Public health expert Dr Mark Kroese considers the issues raised by the provision of genetic tests directly to consumers without the involvement of health professionals.

Genomic and research policy

In the US a Presidential Commission finalises draft genomic consent policies, in the UK a Commons Select Committee recommends that research should be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, and in Europe the European Commission endorses proposals for reform of clinical trial regulations and compulsory open access to publicly-funded research.

Medical genomics

A gene therapy drug has been recommended for approval in Europe for the first time, and US company 23&Me is seeking FDA approval for seven of its direct-to-consumer genetic tests.

Genes and disease

The Cancer Genome Atlas project has published results of a genome-wide survey of colorectal cancer, the UK government has announced the Olympic drug testing facilities will become a centre for research into new biomarkers for disease.

Genomic competitions

A $10 million challenge to sequence 100 genomes for under $1000 each has confirmed its first entrant, and a contest to improve Wikipedia computational biology articles has been announced.

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