August 2013

1 August 2013

Top stories this month

A new survey from the Wellcome Trust reveals interesting findings about the views of the UK public on the use and sharing of medical, genetic and other data.

Opinion: Balancing act: does the public good require public data?

In the light of heightened public concerns about personal data sharing, PHG Foundation Head of Knowledge & Communications Dr Philippa Brice wonders how the UK NHS can fund genomic medicine.


The US government could compel Myriad to provide licenses for BRCA testing on reasonable terms, whilst federal support for health professional genomics education is withdrawn. In the UK, a consultation on cancer biobanking launches.

Genomic testing and screening

The new UKGTN website provides user-friendly access to resources and NICE has approved a rapid gene expression test for use during cancer surgery. A major trial will assess the value of whole genome sequencing as part of pre-conception screening, and early data suggest an improved diagnostic test for Alzheimer's

Genetics, stem cells and disease

Overlapping genetic risk factors have been found for depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, with a separate study suggesting schizophrenia arises via genetic networks in the fetal brain. Other research uncovers new information about the basis of obesity and potential new stem cell treatments for blindness.

Rare diseases and birth defects

We share an update from the NIHR Rare Diseases Bioresource plus news of research revealing the extent of neural tube defects in India and thalidomide-associated birth defects in brazil.

Other news