January 2010

1 January 2010

Genomic medicine

We were disappointed with the UK Government’s response to the House of Lords report on Genomic Medicine (15 December); fortunately we are working with the University of Cambridge Cente for Science and Policy in a consultation process with key experts to produce an independent  response with detailed and constructive recommendations for UK health services.

Policy and regulation

In other policy news, we reported on new tools for using evidence to inform policy making (12 January), a new code of conduct for artificial gene synthesis from the International Association of Synthetic Biology (15 December), a critique of the current intellectual property system for science (17 December), and new guidance for UK researchers on the use of human tissue, DNA, and the changing regulatory and governance environment for research (6 January).

Stem cell research and policy

In stem cell research, a new toolkit aims to guide scientists through the regulatory framework in the UK (4 January), and we reported on developments in the US, India and Italy (21 December). A new technique for the genetic manipulation of human embryonic stem cells could help create more effective model disease systems (13 January).

Cancer genomics

Efforts to catalogue different cancer genomes are helping to identify mutations (18 December), and a new study of structural changes in breast cancer cells has found that tandem duplications are the most common form of rearrangement (11 January).

Genetic disease susceptibility

The first report of the human prion disease vCJD in an individual without the susceptibility genotype raises questions about the future number of cases (5 January); we also reported on new evidence for genetic susceptibility to leprosy (8 January) and of a link between G6PD deficiency and protection from malaria infection (22 December).

New reviews and commentaries

Our selection of recent articles of interest (3 January)

Other recent news and research

See also the Genomics & Health Weekly Update from the CDC Office of Public Health Genomics and the GenInfo Monthly Newsletter from HumGen.