January 2012

1 January 2012

Top stories this month

Clinical innovation and translation have been major themes recently, with new moves from the UK government to drive the transfer of biomedical innovations to the marketplace and into health care practice.

Opinion: Are companion diagnostics a help or a hindrance?

This month we focus on developments in stratified medicine, and particularly the issue of whether companion diagnostics pose a regulatory obstacle.

Policy issues

Efforts to reduce the regulatory burden for new medicines in the UK are underway, whilst a legal test case in the US could have major implications for personalised medicines. China and the US are clamping down on unregulated stem cell treatments.

Genomic medicine

The Mayo Clinic has unveiled an ambitious new project to determine just how clinically useful whole genome sequences can be, companies release machines that claim to offer whole genome sequencing in a day, and trials show promise for the treatment and prevention of serious diseases.

Genetic data and research projects

As new developments in large-scale genetic research on autism and asthma are highlighted, experts discuss how to maximise the utility of genetic data from scientific and clinical trials and new analytical tools may yield key information on how genomes change over time.

Other research news

The role of genetic variants in susceptibility to cancers and severe forms of flu are reported, along with concerns about the utility of mouse models for regenerative medicine research.

New reviews and commentaries

Other news