July 2012

1 July 2012

Top stories this month

Proposed policy and regulatory changes in the UK have been in the news this month: the government-commissioned Finch report has recommended the UK adopt a clear action plan to enable everyone to access the results of research, and the Department of Health has launched a consultation on the future regulation of fertility and human tissue.

Opinion: Should mitochondrial DNA transfer technologies be permitted?

Dr Anna Pokorska-Bocci examines the debate over whether mitochondrial DNA transfer techniques should be approved to treat inherited mitochondrial disease.

Genetic testing

A large study concludes that pre-implantation genetic diagnosis procedures are safe, and a new collaborative report makes recommendations for policy makers on the regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing in Europe.

Genetics and disease risk

A rare genetic variant protects carriers from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive decline in old age, a large-scale study identifies new genome regions associated with osteoarthritis, five studies in Nature explore the genetic diversity of breast cancer.

Genetic medicine

A single mutation may explain why multiple sclerosis is resistant to drug treatment, a new genome sequencing technique may bring routine use in clinical care a step closer.

Stem cell medicine

Japanese researchers report that they have induced pluripotent stem cells to form functional liver tissue in the laboratory.

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