July 2013

1 July 2013

Top stories this month

A new report from the Academy of Medical Sciences examines progress in stratified medicine and current barriers to widespread clinical implementation.

Opinion: Genomics England – more questions than answers

The launch of a new company to oversee the £100 million government funded 100,000 Genomes Project within the NHS, including commercialisation, leaves many issues unaddressed.

Medical research investment

The UK is ploughing funds into biomedical and clinical research with a view to wealth generation as well as health benefits.

Clinical genetic sequencing and screening

Approval for ‘three-person’ IVF to prevent mitochondrial disease is announced by the UK Department of Health; new techniques hold promise for cheaper and more effective IVF; and US clinics expand clinical genome sequencing.

Cloning and stem cells

Stem cells and cloning remain in the news with positive results from gene therapy trials, cloning of genetically valuable mice for medical research, and debate over patenting.

Population health genomics

A major birth cohort study reveals an increased risk of birth defects among older mothers and consanguineous parents, whilst a new study underlines the potential of genome sequencing to improve disease surveillance and outbreak control.

Ethical issues

A furore broke out over the decision of a leading newspaper to publish inferred genetic information on the heir to the throne the Duke of Cambridge, and a new report proposes that sex selection for non-medical reasons should be legalised.

Genetics and disease

Research published in the last month includes new findings on the genetics of leprosy, migraine and asthma susceptibility, on the function of non-coding genome sequences, and of a method to improve identification of cancer genes.

Other news