June 2013

1 June 2013

Top stories this month

Prominent in the news has been the final ruling of the US Supreme Court that isolated gene sequences are not patentable - although cDNA is.

Opinion: Personalised medicine - the big questions

Following the announcement of the new national cancer registry and the role it is expected to play in advancing personalised medicine, PHG Foundation Director Dr Hilary Burton considers crucial issues that have still to be addressed.

Cancer and genomics

Leading up to the launch of what will become the largest cancer database in the world, other recent cancer news has included information on cancer risk in a key ethnic population, expansion of predictive genetic testing for breast cancer, and the expectation that genetic testing will soon form part of normal cancer care.

Genomics, ethics and economics

The PHG Foundation joins the new global alliance for the effective and responsible use of genome data for health, a new survey examines the views of European clinical geneticists on DTC genetic testing, whilst the most recent estimate of the economic impact of the Human Genome Project in the US nears $1 billion.

Birth defects

The complex methodology that underpins the PHG Foundation Health Needs Assessment Toolkit for Congenital Disorders (our free aid to improving services and outcomes in lower income countries) has been published, along with new insights into Down’s Syndrome and congenital heart disease.

Biomedical research

Wider research news has included an investigation of the genomic features of uterine fibroids (a common health problem in women), genome sequences for a range of human pathogenic and normal commensal microbes, and positive initial results from stem cell trials.

Other news