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The best work is built on collaboration at the interface between scientific innovation, policy development and delivery. PHG Foundation enjoys building new working relationships with organisations that share our values and mission to achieve sustainable, personalised healthcare through the effective and responsible implementation of relevant technologies.

PHG Foundation has more than 20 years’ experience in the life science and healthcare sectors. We can help your company or organisation develop a deeper understanding of this environment, its opportunities and challenges and the technologies and policies which drive it. We can provide comprehensive, independent advice and evaluations of biomedical and digital innovations to answer critical questions and support robust, informed decision making for improved healthcare.

To discuss your bespoke consultancy requirements or ideas for collaboration please contact our Head of Business

Consultancy for business

PHG Foundation works with companies from startups to multinationals, providing the concrete evidence for decision making through systematic research and direct engagement with scientists, clinicians, patients, buyers and policy-makers.

How we can help

Consultancy for public and third sector organisations

PHG Foundation works with charities and the public sector to facilitate change and to exploit scientific advances for patient and public benefit. We bring extensive networks to bear on complex scientific, commercial and systematic issues.

How we can help

Collaboration and co-production

Our rigorous approach and expertise adds pivotal value to projects focused on innovation in health systems, making us a sought after partner. Find out more.

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