*An editorial, Preparing clinicians for genomic medicine, by mainstreaming champions Ingrid Slade and Hilary Burton has been published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal (one of the BMJ group). Read the abstract here

The Genomics in Mainstream Medicine Working Group seeks to raise awareness about genomic medicine and coordinate the promotion of genomic knowledge and its integration into educational programmes and clinical practice across a wide range of specialties. This is in addition to the work of Genomics England and the Health Education England Genomics Education Programme.

One strand of the groups work has been the development of a suite of introductory resources tailored to the needs of each specialty. Click to learn more.

PHG Foundation Director Dr Hilary Burton now sits on the Genomics in Mainstream Medicine Working Group established by the Joint Committee for Genomics in Medicine (JCGM) of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Pathologists and British Society for Genetic Medicine in 2013. The PHG Foundation has a long track record in promoting genomic medicine throughout mainstream clinical practice.

The group builds on our 2011 report Genetics in Mainstream Medicine, and a subsequent workshop organised by the JCGM in conjunction with the PHG Foundation and the National Genetics Education and Development Centre. The findings of this expert meeting are set out in the 2012 report Genomics in Medicine, which pointed the way forward for effective integration of genomic medicine across the whole NHS. 

"The education of physicians and other health professionals to fully use genomics in their practice, whether as a generalist of a sub-specialist, is of prime importance, together with the development of standards for high quality care that optimise the use of genomics in patient pathways...Genomic medicine is here to stay, and the UK medical system has a real opportunity to lead the world in the provision of modern medicine. But action must be taken now."

Sir Richard Thompson
President, Royal College of Physicians

Four work strands

  1. The identification of clinical champions 

  2. Mapping of the genomics education landscape for doctors in England 

  3. Work on the curriculum to incorporate genomics into postgraduate and specialty level training 

  4. The development of a suite of introductory resources tailored to the needs of each specialty


The following resources have been prepared by specialty based clinical champions.

Hilary is responsible for the delivery and quality of our work, and the strategic direction of the Foundation.

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