This project came about when the Department of Health and The Wellcome Trust commissioned the PHGU to develop a national strategy for the education of health professionals in genetics.

The project report, “Addressing Genetics, Delivering Health”, was the culmination of a two-year process whose key feature was the involvement of representatives from the professional groups themselves. Workshop participants from the fields of general practice, post-graduate medicine, nursing and midwifery, pharmacy, dietetics and health service management worked with the project team to identify their own learning needs and the resources that will be required to meet those needs. Input from patients was considered crucial, so an additional workshop explored the needs of those who use genetic services, and their views about what the health professionals involved in their care need to know.

The project also featured a review of medical undergraduate education in genetics, a review of postgraduate nurse education in genetics, a review of genetics departments websites, a seminar on some of the changing relationships between public and professionals, and a survey of educational work in genetics undertaken by pharmaceutical industry.

Downloads for the report 'Addressing Genetics, Delivering Health'

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