Evaluation and implementation at the Cambridge-BRC

11 December 2014

Seconded to the PHG Foundation from CIPHDr Shirlene Badger is leading a series of case studies with teams of BRC researchers whose work is nearing implementation.The work will provide important intelligence on knowledge gaps and the barriers to effective and responsive implementation of the latest research into practical benefits for patients. 

This work is part of the BRC's Evaluation & Implementation strand.

Whole genome sequencing for infectious disease outbreaks

In the first case study, Shirlene is working alongside Professor Sharon Peacock's group who are using next generation sequencing techniques to increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis of microbial outbreaks including MRSA, Legionella and Tuberculosis. The technique has shown clear utility in providing faster, more precise identification of the causal strain in hospital or community-based outbreaks.

Read more about our work, and the work of other members of this collaborative initiative, on the evaluation and implementation theme web pages