About us

The PHG Foundation is a non-profit think tank with a special focus on how genomics and other emerging health technologies can provide more effective, personalised healthcare and deliver improvements in health for patients and citizens. In April 2018, we became part of the University of Cambridge, as a linked exempt charity.

Our mission is to make science work for health. Placing the health of individuals and populations at the centre of all we do, we help governments, policy makers and health professionals tackle barriers to progress and implement strategic change within health systems to drive forward the translation of biomedical advances into practical benefits.

How we work

We help to create effective policy and change by:

  • Harnessing the potential of new technologies through expert assessment of their scientific and technical basis and their economic and social impact, and providing independent insights into their potential utility for patients and consequences 
  • Thinking differently about healthcare by looking forward to a future where genomics and technologies arising from life sciences enable more effective and affordable healthcare based on personalised medicine, personalised prevention and better strategies for controlling infectious and non-communicable disease
  • Shaping the policy debate by actively promoting balanced, responsible and effective health policy through a dynamic process of multidisciplinary engagement to explore issues, resolve barriers and develop consensus

Our goals

We believe in the need for a fundamental shift to personalised healthcare which requires:

  • Placing the individual citizen at the centre of health systems
  • Increasing emphasis on disease prevention
  • Radical reorganisation of service with a shift from hospital to home or community setting where possible

Have a look at some of the work we have done to further our goals here.

Our values

When developing solutions to the systemic barriers which prevent improvements in healthcare we ensure that we:

  • Place the health of individuals and populations at the centre of all that we do  
  • Believe in the power of biomedical sciences and innovation to make significant improvements in people's health 
  • Appreciate the importance of evidence of utility, effectiveness and cost effectiveness to support the implementation of healthcare innovations 
  • Recognise that catalysing the introduction of innovative healthcare requires flexibility in approach and risk taking
  • Support proportionate regulatory regimes that strike a fair balance between the individual and public good

Our affiliations

CIPH logoCambridge Institute of Public Health (CIPH)

We are a member of CIPH (part of Cambridge University’s School of Clinical Medicine) which aims to improve the public’s health, using research, teaching and analysis to promote wellbeing, prevent disease and reduce health inequalities.



Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP)

PHG Foundation is a member of CUHP, a partnership that aims to deliver world-class excellence in healthcare, research and clinical education. 



Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge

Following ten years of working together to ensure the outputs of scientific, clinical and humanities based research have a positive impact on society, PHG Foundation and Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, formalised their close relationship with a memorandum of understanding signed in March 2017.



Public Health England (PHE)

PHG Foundation has signed a memorandum of understanding with PHE that establishes cooperation between our organisations on matters relating to public health and genomics.

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