Annual review 2017

Our 20th anniversary year has been an exciting one. We’ve brought together industry, NHS clinical, scientific and policy professionals, patient groups and charities to explore the future of genomics and personalised healthcare at our conference. We've also:

  • Given evidence at parliament on artificial intelligence and genomics and genome editing
  • Released new reports on ctDNA testing services, data anonymisation, linking and sharing routine health data and variant classification and interpretation
  • Informed, with our work on genomic data sharing, the National Data Guardian’s recommendation on encouraging genomic data sharing in 2018

Our mission remains the same as it was in 1997, making science work for health; what is changing is the science. Genomics is emphatically here to stay, but we are also embracing other ground-breaking technologies that can help to deliver more personalised healthcare. Inevitably, these pose fresh policy challenges, including legal and regulatory concerns, ethical dilemmas, societal questions, and issues around clinical implementation.

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