Science into health

Often the real life benefits from biomedical research and innovation are delayed or not fully realised due to poor understanding of the systems in which they are being implemented, or a lack of preparedness within those systems. Genomic-based healthcare, including the quantity and nature of the data that becomes available to clinicians, presents us with new questions and adds levels of complexity to existing ones:

  • How reliable is this new genetic test?

  • Is the test socially acceptable? 

  • How can we share data ethically and more effectively? 

  • What is the cost-benefit?

The NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (Cambridge-BRC), a partnership between Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Cambridge, creates an environment where biomedical and clinical scientists work alongside clinical practitioners to achieve translation of research for the benefit of patients. 

As part of the Cambridge-BRC's Evaluation & Implementation theme, we are collaborating with researchers on several projects that will generate a pool of knowledge to support the effective and efficient implementation of new technologies (see examples below). A series of of case studies is also underway.


Genomics and policy news