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Genomics in Mainstream Medicine Working Group

Free genomic resources for health professionals

Explore how genomics is relevant to different specialties with these free resources for health professionals

Save and share these resources from the Genomics in Mainstream Medicine Working Group, which was set up by the Joint Committee for Genomics in Medicine (JCGM) of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Pathologists and British Society for Genetic Medicine. The Group’s mission is to raise awareness about genomic medicine to all clinicians and includes Clinical Champions from 18 different clinical specialties - all leaders in the field of genomics within their specialty.

How is genomics relevant to different specialties?

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Group's work strands

  1. The identification of 18 Clinical Champions
  2. Mapping of the genomics education landscape for doctors in England
  3. Work on the curriculum to incorporate genomics into postgraduate and specialty level training
  4. The development of a suite of introductory resources tailored to the needs of each specialty

Steering group

Terms of reference

Interested in finding out more about how to effectively and efficiently integrate genomics into mainstream clinical practice? Visit our Genomics in Mainstream Medicine page

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