Emerging Biotechnologies

The PHG Foundation is a non profit making charitable company. Its overarching purpose is to foster and enable the application of biomedical science, particularly genome-based technologies, for the benefit of human health.

Consultation response

Amongst the PHG Foundation's specific objectives is the promotion of a social and regulatory environment that is receptive to innovation, without imposing an undue or inequitable public burden.

The Foundation has a particular interest in the way that new technologies are translated within health services, in genetic research and its impact upon clinical and public health services. 

A core element of the work of the PHG Foundation has been to assess the scope and possible impact of emerging genome-based technologies, as well as identifying potential barriers to their implementation. In most cases, this has included an assessment of the ethical, legal and social implications associated with these biotechnologies. This consultation response is therefore based upon this body of work, together with a number of reflections and comments that build upon our knowledge of the field generally. We have therefore been intentionally selective in our responses to the consultation questions.

Nuffield Council on Bioethics

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