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The PHG Foundation's overarching purpose is to foster and enable the application of biomedical science, particularly genome-based technologies, for the benefit of human health.

Consultation response

Amongst PHG Foundation's specific objectives is the promotion of a social and regulatory environment that is receptive to innovation, without imposing an undue or inequitable public burden.

The Foundation has a particular interest in the way that new technologies are translated within health services, in genetic research and its impact upon clinical and public health services. The PHG Foundation has links with the Institute of Public Health (University of Cambridge) (IPH) and some of the specific issues raised in this response are duplicated in the IPH material but originated from the Foundation.

The rapidly decreasing cost of these technologies suggests that they will be implemented within clinical and public health settings within the next decade (and sooner for some applications). The combined weight of increasing knowledge and technological change suggests that more importance needs to be placed upon genetic and genomic factors in framing public health priorities, practice and outcomes in the future. 

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