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The PHG Foundation (Foundation for Genomics and Population Health) is an independent non-profit policy research organisation. Its overarching purpose is to foster and enable the application of biomedical science, particularly genome-based technologies, for the benefit of human health.

The Foundation has a particular interest in the way that new technologies emerging from genetic and genomic research are translated within health services, and their impact upon clinical and public health services.

The PHG Foundation is a public health orientated organisation. Active for the past 15 years, it has significant experience in the practical translation of biomedical innovations into routine practice, bringing together techniques derived from public health practice and change management. It does this by utilising a multidisciplinary team with skills in the biological sciences, the population sciences, and the humanities and social sciences, all of whom develop a working understanding of disciplines other than their own, in our case as it relates to genetics and genomics.

Our detailed understanding of the translation of genomic innovations into health services support completely the findings of the Innovation Review, that uptake is extremely patchy and represents a significant failure in the efficient and effective use of research findings. Potential benefits to population health and wellbeing are not realised.

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