National Data Guardian consultation on priorities

The PHG Foundation is pleased to see that the position of National Data Guardian has now been enshrined in statute, and welcomes the questions posed by this consultation.

Consultation response

The PHG Foundation has long championed more systematic and robust data sharing within and across the NHS. This is vital to facilitate prompt diagnosis and guide treatment and management for patients receiving screening, care and treatment in the NHS. Whilst we are supportive of the general principle of people being given access to their health and care data, this can be problematic in some contexts.

In our consultation response, which is available to download, PHG Foundation focuses on:

  • Fostering, systematic and robust data sharing within the NHS, and a reciprocal relationship between those receiving care and health systems
  • Our concerns about the National Data Opt-Out
  • Other areas in which the National Data Guardian could make a major contribution to debate

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