Tackling bias and inequities in health and genomic data

Dr Maxine Mackintosh, Genomics England, on data science, health and equity, illustrated by the inequities rife in genomics.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Cambridge and online

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Data and digital technology are now being used in all aspects of research, innovation and healthcare, but how do we ensure that the entire healthcare system benefits from these advanced technologies, specifically so that all people, especially those in underserved populations, receive the same quality of research benefit and care from innovations?

This talk will cover the complex challenges taking an end-to-end approach to diversifying health and genomic data involves, and what we might do to reduce bias in our data-driven systems in precision medicine - something Maxine and her team are trying to do via the Diverse Data initiative at Genomics England.

About the speaker

Dr Maxine Mackintosh leads the Diverse Data initiative at Genomics England, which aims to reduce health inequalities in genomic medicine by ensuring patients, regardless of their background, receive the same quality of genomics-enabled personalised medicine, supported by the latest research on people like them. Maxine is also the co-founder of One HealthTech – a global, volunteer-led, grassroots community that supports and promotes under-represented groups in health innovation

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