Past event: personalised healthcare - making the most of genomics

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Close to one hundred industry representatives, lawyers, researchers, clinicians and policy makers came together at PHG Foundation’s sold out conference, Personalised healthcare: making the most of genomics, to discuss the potential of genomics to deliver more personalised healthcare  – and the implications for policy, patients and society. 

“Excellent, thought provoking.”

“Very glad that I attended. Talks were pitched at a variety of levels to enable a diverse audience to engage and stay involved and enthused. Thank you for recognising the importance of balancing clinical, scientific, socio-cultural and policy perspectives.”

With experts from cardiology, cancer and reproductive health enlightening delegates on the exciting advances genomics is bringing to diagnoses and treatments in their respective fields, a theme emerging early in the day was the need to mainstream genomics and educate clinicians across specialisms about genomic medicine.

Storify: Recap on the highlights from Personalised healthcare: making the most of genomics 

Parallel sessions in the afternoon focused on the policy implications of delivering pathogen genomics to tackle infectious diseases and the increasingly complex question of using patient data in both research and clinical practice. In the packed data session the panel spoke about the harm to patients of not sharing data, the need for open conversations on the benefits of data sharing and the importance of putting patients – the experts in their own health - at the centre of decisions.

The final session of the day included an animated debate on the challenges in delivering personalised healthcare effectively and equitably across the health system. The conflict between access to data and incentivisation, building trust in order to enable transparency, overcoming silos and the changing role of the patient were all highlighted.

The full programme can be viewed here

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