My Healthy Future

9 October 2017

Picturing the next generation of healthcare 

Science and technologies have the potential to transform the healthcare landscape, which is expected to change dramatically over the next 20 years.

My healthy future people in a row

Opportunities for consumers to take control of their own health are expanding and healthcare providers are increasingly encouraged to embrace an ever widening range of technologies. As new conceptions of healthcare emerge, how will citizens, patients and society make the most of these opportunities, and what will UK health and social care look like to the next generation?

Together with experts and enthusiasts from diverse health and technology backgrounds we will set out a vision for health and social care, where each person stands at the centre of their own personalised, prevention-focused wellbeing, making the most of new scientific and technical opportunities to revolutionise healthcare.


Click on an image to download our overviews of emerging health relevant technologies and the related policy landscape


More briefings, blogs and infographics coming soon. PHG Foundation will publish a final report based on the My Healthy Future work in 2019. 

The conversation

Comment on the work so far, share your knowledge, experience, expertise. Join the conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn - and of course Twitter #myhealthyfuture

My Healthy Future life stages

For each of the life stages we are holding a workshop where we will go deeper into the challenges ahead to make the vision a reality. 

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