Boosting innovation in the UK health service

5 January 2012

The UK National Health Service (NHS) is taking new steps to boost uptake of clinical innovations.
A new prototype tool for staff from the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement is intended to accelerate sustainable uptake of innovations and improvements. For use when decisions are being made about potential adoption of an innovation, it helps provide an assessment of the likely success identifies areas that may require strengthening to boost this probability. Users are called upon to provide feedback to refine further development.
Last month the NHS published a major new report, Innovation, health and wealth in the NHS. Part of the wider UK Strategy for Health Innovation and Life Science, it focuses on encouraging innovations that add value but not cost to the health service, and strengthening the role of NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) in appraisal and implementation.

Other recommendations seek to build stronger links with academic and industrial research, to create financial, operational and performance incentives to support adoption and diffusion of innovation, and to review commissioning and procurement procedures to boost both uptake of useful new approaches and cessation of those that no longer offer health benefits. 

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