Cambridge nets £114 million of funding from the NIHR for health research

14 September 2016

Record funding totalling £816 million announced for the next five years of health research and will be distributed amongst 20 Biomedical Research Centres.

NIHR Biomedical Research Centres are partnerships between universities and their local NHS trust. At over £114 million, Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre received the largest single sum to invest in the development of ground-breaking treatments across its eight research themes.

The majority of the money has gone to NIHR-BRCs in London, Cambridge and Oxford, but Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester each received over £20 million. The money will be put towards research into a multitude of areas, including a large boost to mental health and antimicrobial resistance funding.

How far the new package will ease the Brexit shortfall discussed by PHG Foundation’s Stefano Gortana in his recent blog ‘A gloomy outlook for UK science after Brexit’, remains to be seen.

Making the announcement, Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt stated his desire to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of health research, and believes that the cash injection will make “sure that the UK stays ahead of the game by laying the foundations for a new age of personalised medicine”. He continued: “We are supporting the great minds of the NHS to push the frontiers of medical science so that patients in this country continue to benefit from the very latest treatments and the highest standards of care”. 

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