China and India join WHO clinical trial registry

1 August 2007

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that its web-based registry of clinical trial information now includes trial data from China and India, countries that are widely regarded as rapidly emerging economies in terms of biomedical research.

The registry search portal allows users (such as those involved in health care decision making) to track research activities without charge, with a view to increasing the transparency, accountability and quality of medical trials in human subjects across the world. Clinical trials seek to establish the outcomes of a broad range of health-related interventions including drugs, biological therapeutics and stem cell treatments. The WHO also runs a network of clinical trial registers to encourage collaborative working and the development of best practice

WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan said: "The addition of these two clinical trial registers is a milestone in a growing international movement for more transparency and accountability in research involving people…This development will contribute to improving the ethical conduct of and public trust in clinical trials, which are vital for testing new life-saving treatments" (see press release).

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