Eagle Genomics shares Genomics England bioinformatics prize fund

14 May 2014

Bioinformatics company Eagle Genomics has won new financial investment for further development of their existing technology platform for genomic data management and analysis from Genomics England

The company joins Congenica Ltd and others (Arkvium, Genomics Limited, Oxmion, Oxford Gene Technology and Seven Bridges Genomics) as a co-recipient of the total £1.6 million provided by the UK Department of Health via the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) and managed by Genomics England; a further £8 million will be available for the second phase of the competition, which is intended to support the development of new bioinformatics tools to support human genome data analysis and interpretation.
The Eagle Core platform is designed as a health sector research tool for genomic data analysis; further developments will include updated data sharing, variant calling and annotation capacity as well as improved data protection and security compliance – all intended to meet the needs of the 100,000 Genomes Project.
Eagle CEO Dr Abel Ureta-Vidal said: “Improved and streamlined genomic analysis will play a key role in tackling rare diseases and cancer. In both cases, the causes are a combination of genetic and other factors, making the need for improved software tools for analysis critical for the understanding of these diseases and ultimately developing new treatments and cures”.  

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