EGAPP seeks members for stakeholder group

28 June 2007

The US National Office of Public Health Genomics is seeking additional members for a stakeholder group established to assist the development of the EGAPP (Evaluation of Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention) project. The goal of EGAPP is “to establish and test a systematic, evidence-based process for evaluating genetic tests and other applications of genomic technology in transition from research to practice”. Its independent, multidisciplinary working group has so far completed two evidence reports on applications of genomic tests proposed for use in clinical practice.

For its stakeholder group, EGAPP wants to recruit representatives from a variety of designated groups including healthcare providers, public health professionals, advocacy groups, the biotech and diagnostics industry, news media and policy makers. The main role of the group is to act as facilitators in identifying and communicating the key ‘messages’ from EGAPP’s work to different sectors. The stakeholder group is also expected to contribute their expertise to the evaluation process, by advising on stakeholder surveys and on specific aspects of EGAPP’s reviews and recommendation statements.

The closing date for nominations is 18 July.

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