Our explainer documents and videos offer clarity on emerging technologies.

At the PHG Foundation, we have a special interest in genomics, but there are other technologies that have the potential to change the way in which we manage our health and treat disease. Keeping ahead of biomedical developments allows us to identify the policy issues that need to be addressed for effective uptake of new technologies in health services.

Through scientific research and analysis, we can provide practical insights and advice to policymakers, health systems and professionals. And as a multidisciplinary organisation we can look beyond the science to consider regulatory challenges, ethics and the realities of implementation.

We want to help public understanding of the implications of some of the newest technologies. Striping away the hype and discussing the real benefits, but also the challenges and the potential change that they could bring.

Our explainer documents and videos offer clarity on emerging technologies, concepts and issues, and are freely available to view.

Genomics and policy news

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