French consortium launch cancer exome interpretation project

23 June 2014

A group of French researchers led by the company IntegraGen have announced plans for a collaborative project to develop new clinical exome interpretation software to guide treatment decisions in cancer patients.

The Interpretation of Clinical Exome (ICE) project is intended to help interrogate exome data in order to aid personalised cancer medicine - identifying targeted treatment options for patients based on the unique genetic features of their tumours.

The cross-sector collaboration also includes the French National Health and Medical Research Institute (INSERM), cancer research institute Gustave Roussy and the technology consultants Sogeti High Tech . Funding for the work includes a reported receive €2.2 million from the French government, with plans to create an initial version of the analytical software in 2016.

IntegraGen Chair and CEO Bernard Courtieu said that the current bottleneck for cancer was the management of the mass of data from tumour exome and transcriptomes, and that the new project was an important step towards developing an integrated data interpretation process for clinical genomics.

The partners aim to finalize a first version of the software tool in 2016.

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