Funding for Quebec CARTaGENE project

8 June 2007

The Canadian Government and the Government of the province of Quebec have announced  funding of $28.5 million over three years for the CARTaGENE project, a biobanking initiative that will involve recruiting 20,000 Quebec citizens aged 40-60. Participants will provide DNA and other biological samples, together with health and lifestyle information, for studies aimed at identifying the genomic determinants of health and disease in an ageing population.

An additional $6 million has been allocated to support the P3G (Public Population Project in Genomics), an international collaboration that aims to harmonise scientific approaches and standards for ethical governance of large-scale projects in genomic epidemiology around the world. P3G is led by Professor Bartha Knoppers of the University of Montreal and Dr Tom Hudson of the University of Toronto; in addition to CARTaGENE its members include UK Biobank, the Estonian Genome Project and Generation Scotland.

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