'Genomic wellness' health app launched

8 January 2016

Pathway Genomics and IBM have teamed up to showcase a new Pathway Genomics OME™ app, powered by Watson Health, the health unit opened by computing multinational IBM last year.

Revealing the new product at the Digital Health Summit at the major US Consumer Electronics Show this week, Pathway’s Chief Innovation Officer, Michael Nova referred to it as an ‘easy to use side-kick’, saying: "With Watson cognitive computing leveraged by our technology we are able to deliver real-time, highly personalized insights to empower people to change unhealthy behaviors, allowing them to live healthier lives in ways we never thought possible”.

Not yet available to the general public, the OME app is said to incorporate data from Pathway's Fit™  genetic test (for 75 genetic variants said to affect diet, metabolism and exercise), combining this with genetic and lifestyle information and data from wearable health monitors to produce ‘precise and actionable wellness recommendations’ - such as personalised diet plans.

Future versions will allow inclusion of further data including electronic health records and medical insurance details.

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