Genomics in nursing and midwifery

31 October 2011

A task force set up to consider the future of genetics and genomics in relation to nursing and midwifery has released a report of its findings, which were presented to the Nursing and Midwifery Professional Advisory Board.

 The group reviewed a number of areas including key drivers, scope of the science, patient expectations, education and ethical consideration amongst others. It found that the field is moving rapidly with implications across all of health care not just specialist genetic services. The report states that nurses and midwives are best places to optimise the benefits of genomic medicine for patients and urges prompt action in order to ensure that they have the appropriate competencies. In light of these findings twelve recommendations were made in the areas of policy, education, research and professional development.

The PHG Foundation has recognised the opportunities offered by genomic medicine for improved care and management across all health care sectors (see press release). The recommendations presented in the above report are an important contribution to future clinical practice.

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